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This page contains information about programs and services that can benefit your business.

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4th Quarter 2015

Notice to Employers

In accordance with Texas Labor Code 104.004 (a) and HB 2360 passed during the 81st Texas Legislative Regular Session, employers (a person who employs one or more employees) must notify all of their employees (an individual who is employed by an employer for compensation) of the federal earned income tax credit (EITC) general eligibility requirements, no later than March 1st of each year.  The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit for low to moderate income working individuals and families.

How may an Employer provide notice to its employees?

  1. In person;
  2. Electronically at the employee’s last known e-mail address;
  3. Through a flyer included, in writing or electronically, as a payroll stuffer; or
  4. By mailing the information to the employee at the employee’s last known address by United States first class mail.

Employers may use IRS Notice 797, or a written statement with the same wording as IRS Notice 797 when notifying employees. IRS – Notice 797 provides employees with the basic information for EITC. For more information and guidelines visit: .

There are several websites created to assist employees with additional information, eligibility requirements, general overview and income guidelines for EITC.

For more information, go to: or, .

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3rd Quarter 2015

2015 Legislation Impacting Reimbursing Employers

Effective for claims filed after September 6, 2015, Reimbursing employer - mostly governmental and no- profit organizations – will have new protest rights for Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims.

The Texas Legislature passed and the Governor signed House Bill (HB) 3373 giving Reimbursing employers- authorization to protest a UI claim if a worker was discharger for misconduct or the worker voluntarily left their employment without good cause.

HB 3373 also allows Reimbursing employers to contest billings and to request hearings under the Texas Workforce Commission’s dispute resolution process.

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2nd Quarter 2015

Information  Available to Texas Employers

The Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) website located at:  contains information you as an employer can use to help make your business more successful.  Information is available about:

Unemployment Tax:  Learn about unemployment tax and review tax publications and news.

Unemployment Claim Management & Appeals:  Find tools to help manage your unemployment benefits claims. Learn more about contesting a chargeback and your rights and responsibilities for unemployment issues. Find out how to file and prepare for an appeal.

Employment Law: Discrimination, Wages & Child Labor: Find answers to questions and concerns about compliance with workplace, housing and other discrimination laws. Learn how to respond to complaints.

Expand Your Business:  Get the resources you need to start or expand your business in Texas. Find workforce experts, start-up and business resources, basic federal tax information and more.

Labor Market Information: Find labor market information for the Texas economy and workforce.  Obtain current economic news and numbers. Learn from labor market experts about the regional outlook and economic development trends.

For Small Businesses: Learn about workforce resources specifically designed to help Texas businesses with fewer than 100 employees compete in the global economy.

Texas Business Conferences:  A series of employer seminars held each year throughout the state. Employers who attend the seminars learn about state and federal employment laws and the unemployment claim and appeal process. We assemble our best speakers to guide you through ongoing matters of concern to Texas employers and to answer any questions you have regarding your business.  Upcoming conferences are June 19, 2015 in Lubbock; July 24, 2015 in Lake Jackson; August 7, 2015 in Waco; and August 21, 2015 in San Antonio

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1st Quarter 2015

Tax Report Due Dates

Texas has almost 500,000 employers filing reports and paying taxes each quarter. Employers are encouraged to file as early as possible.

For Wages Paid During Calendar Quarter Ends Report Due Date Penalties Accrue After
Jan, Feb, Mar March 31 April 1 April 30
April, May, Jun June 30 July 1 July 31
Jul, Aug, Sep September 30 October 1 October 31
Oct, Nov, Dec December 31 January 1 January 31

If the due date for a report or tax payment falls on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday on which Texas Workforce Commission offices are closed, reports and payments are considered timely if they are received on or before the following business day.

Reminder – Only employers with granted electronic hardship waivers can submit reports and payments by mail.

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