Child Care Services Guide - C-800: Process for Pledge Remittances & Certification of Expenditures

C-801: Pledge Remittances for Transfers & Donations

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must use the Local Match Pledge Payment Coupon & Certification of Expenditures Form to do the following:

  • Remit fund transfers from public entities and donations from private entities
  • Submit certifications of expenditures by public entities

Boards must submit remittances for fund transfers from public entities and donations from private entities, along with the payment and certification form to: Texas Workforce Commission, Attn:  Revenue Trust Management, Depository Section, P.O. Box 322, Austin, TX 78767-0322

Boards also must:

  • Ensure that checks for transfer and donation remittances are made payable to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) by either the Board or an individual contributor
  • Direct contributors to deliver all remittances to the respective Board, even if contributors make checks payable to TWC

Boards may consolidate several contributor remittances by requesting that contributors make their checks for transfers or donations payable to the Board so the Board can then endorse a check for the total value payable to TWC.

To ensure accountability of pledged funds and certification of expense reports, TWC will not accept contribution remittances without a payment and certification form.  Boards must ensure that the payment and certification form is complete and that it lists the specific contributor information in the contributor agreement.

Boards are not required to consolidate multiple contributor remittances when delivering payment to TWC.  Boards may do one of the following:

  • Submit a separate check payable to the Texas Workforce Commission for each individual remittance that contributors make payable to the Board.
  • Permit contributors to remit transfers and donations to the Board in a check made payable to the Texas Workforce Commission.

TWC will return any overpayment of funds to the Boards.

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C-802: Pledge Remittances for Certifications

Workforce Development Boards (Boards) must do the following:

  • Detail the Quality Improvement and Direct Care Services portions of certified child care expenditures in the Certification of Child Care Expenditures section of the payment and certification form
  • Ensure that the public entity certifying child care expenditures signs the payment and certification form, and returns the form to the respective Board so that Boards (not contributors) submit forms to the Texas Workforce Commission
  • Submit the Local Match Certification form by email to

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