Choices Guide – B-1000: Choices Performance Measures

B-1001: Performance Measures

Performance measures are important indicators of progress in efforts to offer employment, training, transition and retention resources to Choices individuals.

Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC's) Performance Analysis and Reporting department provides updated Board and system performance data every month through the Monthly Performance Report (MPR). The MPR is TWC’s primary tool for reporting performance information. MPRs cover measures that the federal government, Texas legislature or TWC’s three-member Commission require to be reported, as well as other useful management data.

The MPR and additional performance information can be accessed through TWC’s Intranet

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B-1002: Choices and Common Measures

One way of evaluating and improving performance is through common performance measures for programs with similar goals.

Common performance measures are a management tool that enables the evaluation of different workforce programs according to a consistent set of outcome goals, i.e., the core goals of the workforce system: how many people found jobs, whether they keep those jobs and what their earnings are.

Three common measures apply to Choices:

To be counted in the entered employment common measure, Boards must ensure that when a participant obtains employment, Workforce Solutions Office staff enters the information into The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST), as follows:

  1. In Service Tracking, click the Services tab.
  2. In the Services tab, right click and choose Add.
  3. Complete all information on the Service Tracking Detail screen.
  4. In the Service Tracking Detail screen, click the Employment Outcomes button.
  5. Enter start/end dates.
  6. Complete all additional information on the Employment Outcomes Detail screen.
  7. Click OK to save information before exiting.

To be counted in the educational achievement common measure, Boards must ensure that when a participant credential is obtained, Workforce Solutions Office staff enters the information into TWIST Performance Outcomes, as follows:

  1. On the Performance Data screen, click the Performance Outcomes tab.
  2. In the Performance Outcomes Detail screen, right click and choose add.
  3. Enter start/end dates.
  4. Choose the correct credential under Outcome Types:

(1) GED

(2) High School

(7) Bachelor’s Degree

(9) 6th year of College, Master’s Degree

(10) Doctorate

(19) Associate’s Degree

(20) Occupational Skills License

(21) Occupational Skills Certificate or Credential

For teen parents attending high school who successfully finish a grade level, Boards must ensure that TWIST records are updated on exit from the program, as follows:

  1. Click the Last Grade tab under Performance Outcomes.
  2. Right click and choose add.
  3. Select grade level increase and Achieve Date (e.g., if teen parent came into the program as a sophomore and exited as a junior, select Eleventh Grade).
  4. Enter completion date.
  5. Click OK to save information before exiting.

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