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The guide contains minor, nonsubstantive, editorial changes that are not included on the List of Revisions.

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April 2017



B-103: One-Time TANF

Added in words specifying those applicants that apply for OTTANF.

B-304.d: Good Cause Determinations


Specifying that child care is not discontinued during good cause determination.

B-401.d: Exempt Choices Participants


DARS VR program is currently under the direction of TWC.

B-401.f: Conditional Applicants

If a conditional applicant fails to meet the participation requirements they are subject to a 3 month child care services rule rather than the 12 month eligibility time period.

B-701: Support Services

Clarified that “Choices eligibles” means “Choices eligible individuals”. Specifying that child care is not discontinued on a similar timeframe as other support services.

B-702: Evaluation and Authorization for Child Care Services

Spell out acronyms and specify Choices eligible individuals. Move policy pertaining to Form E-2510 and a locally modified form to section B-702e. Documentation directions for TWIST.

B-702.a: TANF Applicant Child Care

Specifies that Choices child care services have a 12-month eligibility period.

B-702.b: Choices Child Care

Delete policy on Choices participants receiving two weeks of child care services while awaiting the initial component.

B-702.d: Termination of Child Care

Immediate termination of Choices child care if the participate has moved out of state or has voluntarily withdrawn from child care services.

B-702.e: Child Care Communication

Policy move regarding Form E-2510.

B-704: Work-Related Expenses

Clarified that “Choices eligibles” means “Choices eligible individuals”.

B-705: Wheels to Work

Clarified that “Choices eligibles” means “Choices eligible individuals”.

B-708: Incentives for Choices Participants

Remove items of cash, checks to align with federal policy regarding incentives.

B-801.b: Non-cooperation

Specifying that child care is not discontinued for exempt Choices participants.

B-803: Timely and Reasonable Attempt for Failure to Meet Participation Requirements

Policy on closing the TWIST Choices program detail on the last day of the month in which the penalty is initiated.

B-807: Voluntary Withdrawal from TANF

Specifies that withdrawal from TANF does not automatically withdraw the participant from child care services.

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April 2016




Changed address for TIERS inquiries


Added section on TIERS procedures


Added independent contractor as an unsubsidized employment work activity


Added definition of “Independent Contractor”


Further defined criteria for approving Board Plans


WD Letter 01-04


TA Bulletin 126


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October 2016




Updated to reflect current data


Further clarified amount of TANF funds that can be used for non-Choices activities.


Added NCP performance target as criteria for plan approvals


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