B-201: About WorkInTexas.com

WorkInTexas.com helps employers and job seekers connect through the Internet.  Employers and job seekers can register online, browse job seekers or jobs and request matches against job postings and résumés.

WorkInTexas.com features—available free of charge to employers—include:

  • Online self-registration
  • Online job posting and job matching in real time
  • Ability to view résumés and contact job seekers immediately
  • Email notification of matches, if requested
  • Current labor market information
  • Other recruiting tools and information

WorkInTexas.com features—available free of charge to job seekers—include:

  • Online self-registration
  • Résumé creation
  • Online creation of a State of Texas Application for Employment to apply for state jobs
  • Online job matching
  • Ability to browse jobs and contact employers immediately
  • Email notification of matches, if requested
  • Current labor market information
  • Access to career tools and training resources
  • Access to job notices from other sources (for example, National Labor Exchange)

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B-202: WorkInTexas.com Support & Use

Boards must ensure that appropriate staff:

  • Are trained to use WorkInTexas.com as the job matching and public labor exchange tracking system
  • Are assigned suitable levels of access to WorkInTexas.com

B-202.a: WorkInTexas.com Forms

Boards must:

  • Be aware that hard-copy forms are available on the Intranet (the Intranet is not available to the general public) for use in collecting required information for WorkInTexas.com
  • Ensure that the information recorded on hard-copy forms is entered into WorkInTexas.com in accordance with timelines established by Board contracts

B-202.b: WorkInTexas.com Support Network

Boards must be aware of the following two-tiered WorkInTexas.com support network.

1.  WorkInTexas.com—Local Workforce Development Area Support

Boards must ensure that:

  • At least two staff members in each workforce area are designated as WorkInTexas.com liaisons to provide support and up-to-date system information to appropriate staff in the workforce area
  • Up-to-date and correct contact information for WorkInTexas.com liaisons is maintained
  • A process for distributing information, routing questions and addressing issues concerning WorkInTexas.com is established
  • Resolution of all questions and problems regarding WorkInTexas.com is attempted first through WorkInTexas.com liaisons

2.   Workforce Systems Support Desk

Boards must be aware that TWC’s Workforce Systems Support Desk:

  • Provides technical support on issues that WorkInTexas.com liaisons are unable to resolve
  • Operates Monday through Friday during standard TWC business hours

B-202.c: Procedures for Contacting the Workforce Systems Support Desk

Boards must ensure that:

  • Appropriate staff first contact the workforce area’s WorkInTexas.com liaison for resolution of system problems
  • Only WorkInTexas.com liaisons contact the Workforce Systems Support Desk regarding unresolved system problems

Boards must ensure that WorkInTexas.com liaisons report problems and request assistance by:

Boards must ensure that Workforce Systems Support Desk contact information is not provided to employers or job seekers.

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B-203: Went to Work

Boards must be aware that Went to Work in WorkInTexas.com allows Workforce Solutions office staff to track when job seekers find work on their own.  Boards must ensure that when Workforce Solutions office staff record a Went to Work in WorkInTexas.com, they enter the following service elements:

  • Service Category—select Job Search Services
  • Service—select Went to Work
  • Service Date—defaults to present date
  • Staff—select name of staff member entering service from the drop-down box
  • For Went to Work only—in this section, enter the following additional elements:

Boards must be aware that this information is automatically transmitted to The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST) upon entry, with no additional Workforce Solutions office staff action required.

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