State law requires that Boards establish an employer services component as an integral part of the local workforce system.  As part of the Texas workforce system, Boards must establish and maintain an effective working relationship with their local business community. Employer services are a critical link between workforce services and employer needs.

Each Board must establish a process that meets the needs of its local businesses.  Boards must direct employer services toward:

  • Promoting the use of the full range of Texas workforce system services and facilities
  • Identifying the specific employment needs of individual employers, and providing the appropriate solutions available through the Texas workforce system
  • Providing recruitment and placement assistance
  • Obtaining and maintaining current information from local employers concerning their:

Employer services provided at Workforce Solutions offices include:

  • Outreach to promote the use of Workforce Solutions office facilities and services
  • Entry, review and maintenance of job postings in
  • Making contacts and filling job postings
  • Specialized testing
  • technical assistance
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Information on employment-related issues
  • Employer training services
  • Rapid response to layoffs and business closures
  • Agricultural clearance
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

For information and technical assistance on identifying employers that need help finding and retaining qualified employees and would benefit from enhanced engagement with the Texas workforce system, see TA Bulletin 239PDF, issued September 26, 2011, entitled Developing an Employer Services Plan, and subsequent updates.

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