Materials for November 29, 2016 Texas Workforce Commission Public Policy Meeting

About the Materials

The materials published on this page are draft documents, intended for possible discussion, consideration and/or action at an upcoming public policy meeting of the Texas Workforce Commission (Commission). They are provided for informational purposes only. TWC provides this access to supporting materials for policy meeting agenda items in keeping with our commitment to transparency and open government.

The Commission’s meeting agendas are subject to change; items may be considered in a different order than shown on the agenda and an item may not be taken up for consideration. If an item is taken up for consideration by the Commission it may be approved as proposed, approved with modifications or denied. Upon consideration by the Commission, we will publish a final version of the materials in their appropriate location on our website.

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Meeting Materials for Agenda Items with Supporting Documents

Materials for the Texas Workforce Commission public policy meeting scheduled for: November 29, 2016

Agenda Item #12 - Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action Regarding Report to the Texas Legislature on the Educational and Employment Outcomes of Students Participating in the Adult Education and Literacy Program as Required by Texas Labor Code Section 315.002(c)
Carrie Tupa and Anson Green

Agenda Item #14 - Discussion, Consideration and Possible Action Regarding Issues Related to Impacts Resulting from Child Care Reauthorization
Patricia Gonzalez and Jason Vaden

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