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Appealing a TWC Decision?

Unemployment claimants and employers can appeal a TWC decision using a new online appeal form. Visit the How to Appeal a Decision page for information about how to appeal a decision and your appeal submission options including the new online appeal form. You can check the status of your TWC appeal using TWC’s online Unemployment Benefits Services. Log on and select Appeals Status to find current information about your appeal.

Recently Separated Ex-Military

Individuals who served in the military and recently left the service can apply for unemployment benefits using TWC’s online Unemployment Benefits Services. You should apply immediately after separating from the military. Make sure you have your DD214 (Member Copy 4 through 8 acceptable) when you apply.

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Income Taxes & Your Unemployment Benefits

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you must report all benefits you receive to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your federal tax return. In January, we begin mailing IRS Form 1099-G, which provides all the information you need to report your benefits, to individuals who received benefits during the prior calendar year.

Beginning January 15, you can find the amount of benefits we paid you and any federal taxes withheld on Unemployment Benefits Services (View IRS 1099-G Information) or by calling Tele-Serv at 800-558-8321 (select option 2). TWC staff does not have that information until January 15.

Find information on reporting your unemployment benefits to the IRS

Making Home Affordable

Learn to Manage the Financial Impact of a Job Loss

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