Civil Rights - Program Overview

Civil Rights programs provide investigations of employment or housing discrimination complaints, training and technical assistance to public and private entities, personnel policy reviews of state agencies and institutions of higher education, and reviews of initial testing conducted by fire departments.

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The Civil Rights Division’s programs provide an avenue to file a complaint for individuals who believe they have been discriminated against in an employment or housing transaction. In order to file a complaint, the individual should meet the jurisdictional requirements of the appropriate statute. Job Seekers and Employees can find additional information at Employee Rights & Laws. For individuals wanting to file a housing complaint, additional information can be found at Civil Rights & Discrimination.

Businesses and Employers seeking information on responding to complaints and the laws enforced by the Division may find additional information at Employment Law. Housing providers will be able to locate information concerning housing discrimination at Civil Rights & Discrimination.

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Per state statutes, the Division is required to produce the Equal Employment Opportunity Report and the Commission on Human Rights Annual Report.

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Authority & Funding

TWC’s Civil Rights Division (the Division) enforces the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act. The Division enters into an Annual Worksharing Agreement and contract with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). EEOC reviews cases for compliance with federal equal employment opportunity statutes. The Division also enforces the Texas Fair Housing Act. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) enters into a contract with the Division and reviews the housing discrimination complaints.

EEOC and HUD allocate funds to state and local agencies that investigate complaints filed under state or local laws that are substantially equivalent to the federal laws. These funds in general on based on case closures.

The Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (Texas Labor Code, Chapter 21), the Texas Fair Housing Act (Texas Property Code, Chapter 301) and other state and federal laws and regulations govern the programs administered by the Division. Other federal and Texas laws and regulations include:

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