Employment Service Guide – C-300: Job Postings in WorkInTexas.com

C-301: General Information

WorkInTexas.com gives employers access to the largest database of job seekers in Texas.  Employers can enter, update and archive job postings securely.

Boards must be aware of the following.

When entering job postings in WorkInTexas.com, employers can:

  • Specify job qualifications based on skills and experience
  • Conduct a search of the job seeker database for matches based on job qualifications
  • View résumés and contact job seekers immediately
  • Receive email notification of matches
  • Receive a list of qualified job seekers
  • Access labor market information

The WorkInTexas.com job seeker database includes everyone from skilled professionals to temporary laborers.  The system allows for quick viewing of a list of skills and qualifications for each job seeker.  Interested employers also can access job seeker contact information.

Workforce Solutions office staff can access both employer job postings and job seeker accounts entered into WorkInTexas.com.

Employers can post their own jobs or provide job posting information to Workforce Solutions office staff for the matching and referral of qualified job seekers.  The job posting information allows Workforce Solutions office staff to:

  • Evaluate the hiring requirements of the employer and determine whether those requirements are legal and related to job performance
  • Evaluate the qualifications of the job seeker

A WorkInTexas.com job posting includes the following information:

  • General Details—includes, but is not limited to, employer name, job title, service level and number of openings.
  • Job Details—includes jobsite address, job description and driver’s license requirements.  Job description must be nondiscriminatory and realistic and include, if applicable, physical requirements such as poundage and frequency of lifting (to avoid discrimination by sex or disability), age [if a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ)] and citizenship (if BFOQ).  (See C-601: Recruitment Assistance)

    Note:  The job posting must not contain subjective remarks and personal judgments unrelated to job performance.
  • Occupation, Experience, and Education—includes required occupation, experience, minimum education and license or certification requirements, in addition to optional skills and license or certification type.
  • Job Requirements—includes match requirements (for example, veterans only, keywords and computer or language skills).
  • Pay, Workweek and Benefit Details—includes pay and workweek information and benefit details, if applicable.
  • Contact Information—includes contact, contact method, additional contact instructions and website address, if applicable.
  • Job Status and Employer Questions—includes optional employer questions and the status of the job.

    When an employer’s job posting is provided to job seekers through the referral process (distributed by Workforce Solutions office staff when there is an existing job posting in WorkInTexas.com), Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff:
  • Service Levels—determined by Workforce Solutions office staff based on the level of access the employer wants given to its job postings.


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C-302: Job Postings in Workforce Development Areas Served by Other Workforce Solutions Offices

Workforce Solutions office staff sometimes receive job posting requests that:

  • Are from an employer located in a workforce area served by another Workforce Solutions office
  • Specify the work is to be performed in another workforce area
  • Recruit workers from another workforce area

In these cases, Boards must ensure that:

  • Workforce Solutions office staff encourage the employer to contact a Workforce Solutions office that is in the workforce area in which the worksite is located to facilitate coordination between the employer and that Workforce Solutions office
  • If the employer insists on listing the job posting at a Workforce Solutions office that does not serve the workforce area in which the worksite is located, Workforce Solutions office staff notify staff at a Workforce Solutions office that does serve that workforce area of the job posting either by telephone or email.

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C-303: Job Posting Maintenance

Boards must establish procedures for updating job postings and updating the status of a contact. 

It is recommended that the process allow information to be shared and job posting activity and responsibility to be coordinated with the Business Services Unit, ES staff, Texas Veterans Commission staff and other Workforce Solutions office staff.

Boards must ensure that appropriate staff review new job postings in WorkInTexas.com on a daily basis to ensure that the job postings:

  • Are associated with valid employer accounts
  • Do contain:
  • Do not contain:

Boards must ensure that when professional employer organizations (PEOs) enter job postings into WorkInTexas.com, appropriate staff check the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to ensure that the PEO has been licensed.

Boards must ensure that, after reviewing new job postings, designated staff:

  • Contact the employer before making any modifications to a job posting, including modifications to the number of job openings within a job posting
  • Place the job posting on hold until the employer is contacted, if employer contact is necessary 

Boards may determine whether designated staff needs supervisory approval to modify a job posting after an employer requests or agrees to modifications.

Boards must ensure that designated staff do not delete, cancel or modify a job posting—including modifying the number of job openings within the job posting—if:

  • The employer does not wish to modify the job posting
  • The job posting meets the requirements set forth in this guide

Boards must be aware that WorkInTexas.com job postings cannot be deleted:

  • After seven days from the creation date
  • Once a contact has been made (even if a contact is deleted later, the job posting has already recorded one contact; therefore, the posting still cannot be deleted)
  • If the posting is not assigned to the Workforce Solutions office that staff have in focus

When a job posting is deleted, a note is automatically posted to the Customer Management Notes for that employer account.  The note lists the Job Posting ID, name of the staff member who deleted the posting and the timestamp associated with the delete transaction.

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff:

  • Enter all contacts and hires (if applicable)
  • Close job postings in a timely manner using WorkInTexas.com 

Contact the workforce area’s WorkInTexas.com liaison for instructions on:

  • Running job matches
  • Conducting real-time job searches
  • Entering employer services
  • Entering contacts and hires
  • Maintaining job postings
  • Using the Job Posting Notes page
  • Generating reports

Boards must be aware of the following:

  • Building a good relationship with an employer requires keeping the employer informed about the status of its job postings—from the time Workforce Solutions office staff receive the job posting until it is filled or canceled 
  • Follow-up contact with employers during the job-filling process ensures that Workforce Solutions office staff has current and accurate information about job postings, including:

Boards also must ensure that the Job Posting Notes page in WorkInTexas.com is used to document any relevant information, including conversations between Workforce Solutions office staff and the employer, about the job posting itself.

The Job Posting Notes page is used only for the following:

  • Job posting management entries, such as:
  • Job posting status (for example, long periods on hold, special searches/referrals, feedback regarding quality of referrals)

Boards must be aware that discussions and information obtained from employers are sensitive.  Certain information is confidential under law and will be disclosed only in compliance with Texas Labor Code §301.085, TWC guidelines, and the Public Information Act.

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C-304: National Labor Exchange Job Postings in WorkInTexas.com

WorkInTexas.com and National Labor Exchange continue to work together to increase the number of job postings available to job seekers and to introduce WorkInTexas.com to employers that may not have previously used the system.  Boards must be aware of the following.

Texas-based job postings in the National Labor Exchange are automatically:

  • Downloaded into WorkInTexas.com through a nightly batch
  • Assigned a WorkInTexas.com Job Posting ID in addition to a National Labor Exchange employer posting number
  • Marked with a National Labor Exchange icon
  • Displayed as view only to job seekers and appropriate staff

National Labor Exchange job postings in WorkInTexas.com:

  • Are associated with a WorkInTexas.com employer account—they are listed under Indexing accounts and are marked with a National Labor Exchange icon.  These accounts can be found by searching for the employer by name; however, the accounts (and all associated job postings) will appear as View Only
  • Include job matching criteria such as O*NET occupation codes, but generally do not contain as much information as those jobs entered directly into WorkInTexas.com
  • Are automatically closed in WorkInTexas.com
  • Are tracked and will count toward Board job posting–related performance measures if the contact results in a hire (National Labor Exchange contacts can only be updated to “hired” via delayed verification wage sweeps)

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