Employment Service Guide – C-700: Provision of Information on Employment-Related Issues

C-701: Provision of Information

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff assist employers with employment-related issues by providing information and services available through the Texas workforce system, including:

  • Labor market information (LMI)
  • Wage range surveys
  • Available talent pool
  • Recruitment services
  • Training resources
  • Employment rules and regulations
  • Equal employment opportunity (EEO) regulations
  • Unemployment compensation tax and labor law information
  • Resources for unemployment compensation claims appeals

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C-702: Definition of Labor Market Information

Boards must be aware that LMI, defined as an employer service, is “providing substantive and customized information to a specific employer regarding occupational staffing or hiring patterns, working conditions, salary, local employment history and trends, available job seeker pool, etc., in response to the employer’s specific needs or requests.”

Boards must be aware that LMI does not include:

  • Mass mailings or newsletters containing information about the job market in the employer’s area
  • Calling an employer to follow up on a referral list (to see who was hired)
  • Attending job fairs and talking to all the participating employers
  • Providing the employer with their TWC tax account number or FEIN (if unknown or not available)
  • Discussing WorkInTexas.com
  • Providing advice regarding wages based on previous job postings
  • Discussing Workforce Solutions office programs and services
  • Providing general information regarding the labor market as described above

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C-703: Providing the Labor Market Information Service to Employers

When providing the service to an employer, Boards must ensure that appropriate staff:

  • Determine the employer’s specific needs
  • Prepare a substantive and customized LMI report, based on the employer’s specific needs, that contains the criteria specified in the definition of the LMI service
  • Provide the customized report to the employer by the employer’s preferred method

The following websites provide tools that may assist with creating customized LMI reports for employers:

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C-704: Documenting an LMI Service in WorkInTexas.com

Boards must ensure that appropriate staff record an LMI service in WorkInTexas.com only when the service provided meets the definition of LMI

A complete list of WorkInTexas.com employer servicesMS Excel can be found on the Intranet (the Intranet is not available to the general public).

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