Boards must be aware of the following:

For employers facing major layoffs, rapid response is an on-site, early intervention program that provides transition and reemployment services to affected workers.  The goal of rapid response services is to help affected workers find new employment before they become eligible to receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.  The best employment transition is one that results in unemployment lasting no more than a few days.

Rapid response is administered at the state level, but operated at the Board level.  Each Board has a Rapid Response Coordinator who can provide more information about rapid response services. 

Boards must make rapid response services available to employers:

  • In the event of mass layoffs and plant closings involving 50 or more workers
  • If a Trade Adjustment Assistance petition has been filed

In the event that a layoff involves fewer than 50 employees, Boards may offer rapid response services at their discretion.

Rapid response services include:

  • Job search assistance
  • Labor market information
  • Group stress management seminars
  • Group financial management seminars
  • Information about mass filing of UI claims
  • Group orientation to Workforce Solutions office services
  • Seminars on change management

For larger numbers of affected workers, on-site services are available.  If the number of affected workers is small, employers can direct workers to a Workforce Solutions office where they can receive rapid response services.

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