Employment Service Guide – D-600: Texas Payday Wage Claim Process

TWC’s Labor Law Section enforces the Texas Payday Law (Texas Labor Code, Chapter 61), which:

  • Protects employees who have not been paid earned wages
  • Provides employers and employees with a method for resolving wage disputes without the necessity of court action

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff assist individuals wishing to file a wage claim by providing the following information.

  • See How to Submit a Wage Claim Under Texas Payday Law for more information and for the Texas Payday Law Wage Claim forms in English and Spanish.
  • The entire wage claim form must be accurately and legibly completed.
  • If using the current version of the wage claim form from the page linked above, the form must be signed by the wage claimant declaring that all information is true under penalty of perjury.  If using an older version of the wage claim form, the form must be signed by the wage claimant and sworn to before a TWC employee, a Board-appointed designee or a notary public.  See TA Bulletin 271PDF, issued April 6, 2015, entitled Texas Payday Wage Claim Process—Update, and its attachment, Desk Aid on Texas Payday Wage Claim ProcessPDF.
  • Copies of any payroll checks or stubs, or any information to support the claim, must be submitted with the wage claim form.
  • The completed wage claim form with attachments must be faxed to 512-475-3025 or mailed to:

Texas Workforce Commission
Labor Law Section
101 E 15th St, Rm 514
Austin, TX 78778-0001

Boards must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff do not:

  • Pre-sign blank wage claims
  • Give advice to individuals about the Texas Payday Law
  • Accept, or swear to, copies of signed wage claims with non-original signatures

Boards also must ensure that Workforce Solutions office staff:

  • Distribute the most recent payday wage claim form
  • Are aware of current wage claim process procedures 
  • Instruct individuals to direct any questions to TWC’s Labor Law Section at 800-832-9243 (within Texas only)

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