Advisory Committee Members

The Purchasing from People with Disabilities Advisory Committee advises TWC on matters relating to the Works Wonders program, commonly referred to as the State Use Program, which assists individuals with disabilities in achieving independence through productive employment. In addition, the committee recommends criteria for certifying community rehabilitation programs (CRPs) for participation in the program. CRPs promote the hiring of individuals with disabilities to provide goods and services for purchase.

Member Representing Term 
Jean Langendorf, Chair Advocate Representative 2017
Lee Tillson Disability Representative, CRP 2017
Brook Hohfield Disability Representative 2019
Kevin M. Jackson Disability Representative 2017
Larry Johnson Advocate Representative 2019
Brandye Lacy Disability Representative, CRP 2019
Linda Logan Advocate Representative 2019
Nicky Ooi CRP Representative 2019
Sean Quigley CRP Representative 2019
Dave Wells CRP Representative 2017
Vacant CRP Representative 2017
Judy Zavalla Advocate Representative 2019
Ron Pigott Texas Dept. of Health and Human Services statutory


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