Installing QuickFile


  1. Uninstall any QuickFile versions prior to the current version 5.5.8. This is required for successful installation.
  2. Download and run setup wizard or save the QuickFile setup program to a location on your computer hard drive, such as your desktop.

File transmissions uploaded via QuickFile are encrypted. We support multiple levels of encryption to protect your data. Data encryption scrambles the information sent over the Internet so only the computer it is intended for can read it. Data is transmitted to TWC using HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

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Potential Installation Issues

  • Other installation programs can run when you try to install QuickFile. Sometimes a program will leave behind a "Setup.exe" file in your download or temporary directory. If present, delete the setup.exe file and rerun the QuickFile install program.
  • Delete all temporary files and cookies as an extra precaution before you download QuickFile. Temporary files and cookies can hang up the installation of QuickFile.
  • QuickFile is not certified to run on non-Windows machines. The program uses certain calls to Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) which most likely will not execute properly on a non-Windows operating system, although some versions of the Windows emulator might allow the program to run. This is not a supported configuration, so we cannot assist you if any problems are encountered.
  • When starting QuickFile, the message "not running the most recent version" may display. This may be a firewall issue on your computer. Change your firewall and anti-virus software settings to allow the QuickFile program to download files from our read–only server. Add as a trusted site to your firewall, anti–virus software and Internet Explorer as a trusted site.

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