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TWC’s Office of the Commissioner Representing Employers sponsors the Texas Business Conferences, a series of employer seminars held each year throughout the state. Employers who attend the seminars learn about state and federal employment laws and the unemployment claim and appeal process. We assemble our best speakers to guide you through ongoing matters of concern to Texas employers and to answer any questions you have regarding your business.

We encourage every employer to attend at least one of these conferences every year, since the topics are updated whenever there are new laws, regulations or court cases. Each conference is geared toward small business owners, HR managers and assistants, payroll managers, and anyone responsible for the hiring and managing of employees.

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Conference Locations & Dates

Texas Business Conferences

Here are the locations and dates for upcoming Texas Business Conferences.

Register Now Online or By Mail

To register online, select the location link. To register by mail, download the Word or PDF version of the registration form.


Registration for conferences will open soon.

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How to Register for a Conference

You may register in advance online or by mail, or register at the event.  Seating is limited, so we recommend that you register in advance.  Registration over the phone is not accepted. The registration fee is $99, non-refundable. Recommended attire for the event is business casual.

Online Registration

You may register online for any scheduled conference. You will have the option to pay online or mail a check.

Registration by Mail

Download the registration form for the conference you wish to attend (either the Word or PDF version) and mail the form along with your $99 check payable to Texas Business Conference – TWC:

Texas Workforce Commission
101 E 15th St, Rm 0154
Austin, TX 78778-0001

When we receive your registration, we will mail a confirmation letter to you.

Registration at the Conference

If the event is not sold out in advance, you may register at the door. You may pay the $99 registration fee by cash, check or credit card.

Cancellation Policy

The registration fee is non-refundable. If you cannot attend, you may send someone else in your place. If possible, your substitute should bring a copy of your confirmation letter.

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Benefits of Attending a Texas Business Conference

Information on Important Employment Topics

Topics are selected based on the most common inquiries we receive from employers. We send out a tentative agenda with your registration confirmation. Due to occasional scheduling conflicts of our speakers and the travel variables that can arise, we sometimes substitute a topic or change the order of topics.

Seminar topics typically include:

  • Texas Employment Law and the Basics of Hiring
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Employee Policy Handbooks: Creating Your Human Resources Roadmap
  • Handling Unemployment Claims
  • Independent Contractors
  • Federal and Texas Wage and Hour Laws

TBC Handout Materials

Participants receive informative handouts and the latest edition of the popular publication Especially for Texas Employers with the accompanying CD, which address basic legal issues regarding hiring, post-employment and work-separation policies.

Most of the written materials in the conference notebook are designed by our speakers to be used in conjunction with their oral presentations. The materials are best understood in the context of the presentations. For this reason, we do not provide the written materials to individuals who do not attend the conferences.

Professional Development Credits

Certified public accountants who attend can earn six hours of continuing education credit, and other conference participants may qualify for general professional credit.

Attorneys do not receive continuing education credits for attending. However, many attorneys find our conferences useful.

What's Not Covered

Neither the conference nor the Office of the Commissioner Representing Employers handles inquires about COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA or other similar insurance or retirement/pension topics. The conference also does not address labor unions or collective bargaining issues. Because all of the aforementioned topics are highly technical, they do not lend themselves to the high volume of business done in our office. If you have problems or questions in these areas, we strongly recommend that you hire private legal counsel to assist you.

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Registration for conferences will open soon.