Notes on the Manual

On October 1, 2017, Texas Workforce Commission’s Blind Services Division and Rehabilitation Services Division combined to create a single designated state unit (DSU) to administer the vocational rehabilitation program for Texans with disabilities.

The combined Vocational Rehabilitation Services Manual (VRSM) was published and has been available to all VR staff since October 1, 2017.  It has also been available upon request to members of the public.

TWC-VR is now in the process of finalizing the online publication of the VRSM. Each of the chapters will be published on this page as they are formatted for online publication.  Until all VRSM chapters are published, VR staff will continue to access the VRSM through the available VRSM Sharepoint site. Also, hyperlinks within the online VRSM to internal or external content will not be available for any chapters until all chapters of the online VRSM have been published. 

If you have any questions about VRSM content, please contact the TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Division Policy Team at state office.

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Manual Overview

The VR Services Manual:

  • helps ensure VR customers receive quality services to assist them in achieving successful competitive integrated employment outcomes as a result of their participation in vocational rehabilitation services.;
  • helps to ensure taxpayer funds are spent wisely and each purchase paid for with public funds represents full value to the taxpayer; and
  • provides published policies and procedures for maintaining compliance with federal and state laws, statutes, and rules or regulations.

The latest update to this manual is reflected in the chapters below. Any printed versions may not contain the latest policy changes.

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Part B – Vocational Rehabilitation Process

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Part E – Appendices

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List of Revisions

The List of Revisions includes a comprehensive list of changes made to this guide, including the revision date, the section revised and a brief explanation of the specific revision.

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