Texas Government Code Sections 2054.126 (d)(4), 2261.253, and 403.0245 require each state agency to post contract and procurement information on its website.  This page contains information about current contracts valued between $0.00 and $50,000.00.  Contracts valued equal to or greater than $50,000 may be found on the Legislative Budget Board Contracts Database.  This list also includes contracts that have been competitively bid at the state level including Comptroller of Public Accounts awarded contracts, Department of Information Resources awarded contracts and Office of the Texas Governor.

All documents are in PDFPDF format.

If you require accessible documents, please send request to email PCSDDirector@twc.state.tx.us.  Please allow up to 3 days for us to respond.

Contract ID Supplier Name Subject Max Amount Procurement Numbersort descending Files
3120ITC029 WEST PUBLISHING CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $20,935.78 3202000163 3120ITC029 C
3120ADM056 ELECTRONIC DATA CARRIERS INC Building Maintenance/Repair $26,895.77 3202000185 3120ADM056 C

3120ADM056 C1
3120ADM055 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE WORKFORCE Employment Services $26,000.00 3202000186 3120ADM055 C

3120ADM055 P1

3120ADM055 P2
3120ADM059 GRIGGS ERGONOMIC SUPPLIES LLC Furniture $27,268.00 3202000201 3120ADM059 C

3120ADM059 C1
3120ITC035 FREEIT DATA SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology (Administrative) $39,248.12 3202000204 3120ITC035 C
3120ADM089 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING SERVICES Building Maintenance/Repair $24,000.00 3202000208 3120ADM089 P

3120ADM089 P1
3120ADM120 MORROW CONSULTING LLC Software/Maintenance $14,000.00 3202000212 3120ADM120 C
3120ADM072 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLGY CORPORATION Other Administrative $26,195.00 3202000218 3120ADM072 C

3120ADM072 C1
3120ADM088 MICROMAIN CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $20,000.00 3202000223 3120ADM088 C

3120ADM088 C1
3120ITC037 PETROSYS SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $38,762.84 3202000227 3120ITC037 C

3120ITC037 C1

3120ITC037 P
3120ADM091 CLIMATEC LLC Building Maintenance/Repair $21,279.86 3202000228 3120ADM091 C
3120ITC038 FREEIT DATA SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology (Administrative) $21,429.90 3202000229 3120ITC038 C

3120ITC038 C1

3120ITC038 P
3120CPM016 304 HOTEL OPERATING LLC Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $19,642.00 3202000230 3120CPM016 C

3120CPM016 C1
3120ADM094 THE BRANDT COMPANIES LLC Building Maintenance/Repair $21,987.00 3202000233 3120ADM094 C

3120ADM094 P
3120ITC039 FREEIT DATA SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $39,446.32 3202000235 3120ITC039 C

3120ITC039 C1
3120ITC041 DLT SOLUTIONS LLC Software/Maintenance $49,140.88 3202000237 3120ITC041 C
3120ITC045 BRAZEN TECHNOLOGIES INC Software/Maintenance $24,980.00 3202000238 3120ITC045 C

3120ITC045 C1

3120ITC045 P
3120ITC044 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLGY CORPORATION Information Technology (Administrative) $40,153.40 3202000241 3120ITC044 C

3120ITC044 P
3120ITC047 TAYLOR CORPORATION Other Administrative $20,740.00 3202000243 3120ITC047 C

3120ITC047 P
3120ADM095 ROLLINS INC Building Maintenance/Repair $13,360.00 3202000244 3120ADM095 C

3120ADM095 C1
3120ITC048 COMP-E-WARE TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATES INC Software/Maintenance $49,819.68 3202000245 3120ITC048 C
3120ADM097 CONVERGEONE INC Other Administrative $10,000.00 3202000248 3120ADM097 C
3120ITC050 SYSTEM 76 INC Information Technology (Administrative) $15,000.00 3202000250 3120ITC050 C
3120ADM156 CLASSICAL CONCEPTS CONSTRUCTION LLC Building Maintenance/Repair $30,837.50 3202000260 3120ADM156 C
3120ITC055 ADJACENT TECHNOLOGIES INC Software/Maintenance $48,750.00 3202000267 3120ITC055 C

3120ITC055 P
3120ADM110 THORN DISTILLERY LLC Other Administrative $37,180.00 3202000272 3120ADM110 C

3120ADM110 P
3120ADM111 RICHARD FINK Other Administrative $6,480.00 3202000273 3120ADM111 C

3120ADM111 P
3120ADM114 CONVERGEONE INC Software/Maintenance $29,800.00 3202000274 3120ADM114 C

3120ADM114 P
3120ITC060 STELLARIS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Equipment/Hardware $12,800.00 3202000278 3120ITC060 C

3120ITC060 L
3120ITC065 WOLTERS KLUWER FINANCIAL SERVICES INC Information Technology (Administrative) $20,672.72 3202000279 3120ITC065 C
3120ITC061 XEROX CORPORATION Equipment/Hardware $23,804.28 3202000281 3120ITC061 C

3120ITC061 L
3120ITC069 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLGY CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $45,000.00 3202000283 3120ITC069 C

3120ITC069 L
3120ITC059 NETSYNC NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $29,568.00 3202000286 3120ITC059 C

3120ITC059 L
2920ITC010 OPEN TEXT INC Information Technology (Administrative) $22,503.60 3202000288 2920ITC010 C
2920ITC006 KUDELSKI SECURITY INC Software/Maintenance $20,786.24 3202000294 2920ITC006 C
3120ITC067 SOFTCHALK LLC Software/Maintenance $31,300.00 3202000298 3120ITC067 C
2920ITC008 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $38,573.78 3202000299 2920ITC008 C
3120ADM133 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Other Administrative $49,980.88 3202000300 3120ADM133 C
3120ADM138 SANIGLAZE HOUSTON LLC CCRC Maintenance/Service $18,548.40 3202000301 3120ADM138 C

3120ADM138 C1
3120ADM132 COFFEE TRADERS INC BET Vending Equipment (Business Enterprises of Texas) $14,968.00 3202000305 3120ADM132 C
3120ITC068 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $23,392.12 3202000306 3120ITC068 C
3120ADM137 JACK G DIAL PH D Rehabilitation Supplies/Adaptive Aids $14,480.00 3202000308 3120ADM137 C
2920ITC012 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLGY CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $26,323.92 3202000312 2920ITC012 C

2920ITC012 C1
2920ITC013 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLGY CORPORATION Information Technology (Administrative) $17,340.36 3202000320 2920ITC013 C
3120ITC075 DUXBURY SYSTEMS INC Software/Maintenance $17,570.00 3202000322 3120ITC075 C
3120ADM176 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Building Maintenance/Repair $14,755.07 3202000323 3120ADM176 C
3121ADM015 COOPERATIVE PERSONNEL SERVICES Other Administrative $24,950.00 3202000328 3121ADM015 C

3121ADM015 P

3121ADM015 P1
3120ADM160 BULLCHASE INC Other Administrative $17,916.00 3202000329 3120ADM160 C

3120ADM160 L
3120ADM161 MCCOY-ROCKFORD INC Building Maintenance/Repair $11,809.51 3202000330 3120ADM161 C

3120ADM161 L
3120ADM163 PREDICTABLE BUSINESS STRATEGIES LLC Building Maintenance/Repair $8,797.00 3202000334 3120ADM163 C

3120ADM163 L

3120ADM163 P