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Rehabilitation Council of Texas 2015 Annual Report

Responsibilities and Functions

Speakers in a panel conferenceThe Rehabilitation Council of Texas (RCT) has several key responsibilities and functions in partnership with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) Division for Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and Division for Blind Services (DBS).

The RCT fulfills its mission to assist Texans with disabilities receiving services from the DARS Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) programs by:

  • Reviewing, analyzing and advising DRS and DBS regarding VR program performance, effectiveness, responsibilities, functions and eligibility — including evaluating the need for order of selection.
  • Partnering with DRS and DBS to develop, agree on and review VR goals and priorities, evaluate the effectiveness of VR programs and submit reports of progress to the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) commissioner annually.
  • Advising DARS about VR services and helping to prepare the state plan — including amendments, applications, reports, needs assessments and evaluations. The RCT is responsible for developing Attachment 4.2(c), a section of the State Plan for the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program, based on dialogue with DRS and DBS throughout the year, data received and RCT Committee reports.
  • Reviewing and analyzing VR program effectiveness and consumer satisfaction and assessing the VR needs of Texans with disabilities at least every three years.
  • Preparing an annual report that highlights the status, goals, achievements and statistics of Texas VR programs and submitting it to the Texas governor and RSA commissioner.
  • Coordinating working relationships between DARS, the State Independent Living Council and centers for independent living in Texas.
  • Coordinating activities with other councils to avoid duplication of efforts and increase the number of people served.
  • Performing other VR-related functions as deemed appropriate.