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As the Director of the Training and Development Department, I’m excited to have the opportunity to support our history of quality training! Our friendly, innovative trainers collectively represent many years of experience meeting training needs like yours.

We are honored to assist you with your training needs. We want to help you achieve the best business outcomes, rise to your full potential, and serve the people of Texas even better.

We invite you to browse the T&D Course Catalog. Course descriptions are listed in alphabetical order. Some courses specifically target workforce services, while other courses are applicable to general audiences.

If you are ready to schedule or attend training, or need more information, please reach out to us at (512) 463-3029 or

Rhonda Skillern,
Director, TWC Training and Development Department

About TWC Training and Development (T&D)

Training and Development specializes in developing and delivering value-added Human Dynamics and Workforce Development training that is unique to the needs of its customers. We provide services for TWC staff, Local Workforce Development Boards, local service providers, and other government agencies.

We can work with our customers to fine-tune training to emphasize certain concepts or topics. To enhance our responsiveness and expand our range of services and customers, we provide training services under a "fee-for-service" administrative initiative for partial cost recovery.

We are here to help TWC and our partners enhance employee workplace skills and productivity through the development, coordination, and delivery of quality learning opportunities.

Register for a scheduled class

To register for any of the training opportunities found in our training schedule, e-mail the class name, session information, the participant's name, e-mail address, and employer/agency to:

Submit Payment

Please fax a purchase order to (512) 463-9375 or e-mail it to

Please include the name of the training, session information, the number of participants attending, the total amount of the purchase order, and a signature. You will be invoiced after the training occurs.

Request a Class or Other Services

You may request to schedule a class or other services by calling (512) 463-3029 or by e-mailing:


We will be happy to discuss any specific training needs you might have.