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Employer Notice of Unemployment Claim

When someone applies for unemployment benefits, TWC mails a Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits (for a new claim) or a Request for Work Separation Information (for an existing claim) to the individual or organization for which the claimant last worked. Respond promptly to either notice with detailed information about the claimant’s job separation. TWC can make a better decision if we have detailed information from you and the claimant.

Include in your response:

  • Dates worked
  • Separation reason
  • Additional pay, if given
  • Details on the separation, including the final incident, prior warnings, copies of relevant policies and applicable witness statements
  • Contact person’s name and phone number

If you have not designated an address for unemployment claim notices, we mail the correspondence to the address provided by the employee as their last work address. If you designate an employer mailing address, you can receive unemployment and chargeback notices at one specified location.

Responding to a Notice of Unemployment Claim

You have 14 calendar days from the date we mail you a Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits or Request for Work Separation Information to respond online or by fax, mail or phone. TWC recommends you use the online Employer Response to Notice of Application. The Employer Response Frequently Asked Questions provides tips on using the online system.

After You Respond

Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits: If we receive your response within the 14-day deadline, you become an interested party to the claim.

Request for Work Separation Information: If we receive your response within the 14-day deadline and either we notified you we would charge your account for the claim or you were an interested party to the original claim, then you are an interested party.

If you are an interested party, we mail you a copy of the claimant’s Determination on Payment of Unemployment Benefits, which explains whether the claim will be paid. By responding on time, you preserve your right to appeal the payment decision.

If we do not receive a response within the 14-day deadline, you are not an interested party to the claim. This means you do not receive a determination on the claim and you do not have the right to appeal the determination. However, we mail you a determination indicating the response was late and you may appeal this determination. If we plan to charge you for benefits paid to the claimant, the determination will include that information.

If the claimant does not have sufficient wages to qualify for unemployment benefits, you will receive a letter with that information.

Appealing the Decision

The claimant or the employer, if an interested party, can submit an appeal to a determination that is not in his or her favor. Each party has 14 calendar days from the date a determination is mailed to file a timely appeal. For more information, see How to Appeal a Decision - For Employers.

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Employer Chargeback Notice

After a claimant receives their first benefit payment, TWC mails a Notice of Maximum Potential Chargeback to base-period taxed employers, except the last employer, showing the maximum amount of benefits that TWC may potentially charge to the employer’s account. For more information, see Employer Unemployment Benefit Chargebacks.

If you do not designate an address for chargeback notices, we mail the correspondence to your address recorded with the TWC Tax Department.

Wage Verification Notice

If you are the claimant’s last employer, we will send you a Wage Verification Notice asking you to verify the wages reported from your Employer Quarterly Reports. We use these wages to calculate the claimant’s maximum benefit amount, which is chargeable to your account. If the wages are not correct, go to Unemployment Tax Services to make corrections online.

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