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Total Exemption - Exemptions from the Definition of "Employee"

Exemptions - Minimum Wage, Overtime, Child Labor, and Recordkeeping

Exemptions - Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Child Labor

Exemptions - Minimum Wage and Overtime

Exemptions - Minimum Wage Only

Exemptions - Overtime Only

Focus on the White-Collar Exemptions

Salary Test

Duties Test

Other Types of White-Collar Exemptions

Caveat: Job Titles Do Not Make Employees Exempt


The Fair Labor Standards Act has many exemptions. Some exemptions are extremely broad, as in the case of exemptions from the definition of "employee". Others are more narrow, such as various exemptions from overtime pay. Still other exemptions apply to two or more protections normally afforded by the FLSA. Following are the major categories of exemptions:


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