Quick Basics

  1. A person's status is generally not a legal basis for action - do not act based upon applicants' or employees' status or who they are, but rather based upon what they can do, what they cannot do, or what they should do, but fail to do.

  2. The hiring process should be free of any indication that the hiring decision will be based in any way upon race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability.

  3. Throw a wide net for applicants - it will impress the EEOC and give you a better chance of getting a great employee; advertise the jobs with TWC (WorkInTexas.com) and local Workforce Solutions centers.

  4. You only have to take applications if you have vacancies.

  5. Base hiring decisions only on job-related criteria.

  6. Be consistent and judge applicants on qualifications, not assumptions or stereotypes.

  7. Verify references, employment history, and background information and document your efforts.

  8. Get I-9 information on all new hires within 3 business days of hiring.

  9. Careful with job and salary offers - do not promise more than you are willing to deliver.

  10. Consider alternative staffing methods in lieu of direct hiring of employees.

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