The Company reserves the right to conduct searches to monitor compliance with rules concerning safety of employees, security of company and individual property, drugs and alcohol, and possession of other prohibited items. "Prohibited items" includes illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, prescription drugs or medications not used or possessed in compliance with a current valid prescription, weapons, any items of an obscene, harassing, demeaning, or violent nature, and any property in the possession or control of an employee who does not have authorization from the owner of such property to possess or control the property. "Control" means knowing where a particular item is, having placed an item where it is currently located, or having any influence over its continued placement. In addition to Company premises, the Company may search employees, their work areas, lockers, personal vehicles if driven or parked on company property, and other personal items such as bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, lunch boxes, and other containers. In requesting a search, the Company is by no means accusing anyone of theft, some other crime, or any other variety of improper conduct.

There is no general or specific expectation of privacy in the workplace of XYZ Company, Inc., either on the premises of the Company or while on duty. In general, employees should assume that what they do while on duty or on the company premises is not private. All employees and all of the areas listed above are subject to search at any time; if an employee uses a locker or other storage area at work, including a locking desk drawer or locking cabinet, the Company will either furnish the lock and keep a copy of the key or combination, or else allow the employee to furnish a personal lock, but the employee must give the company a copy of the key or combination. The areas in question may be searched at any time, with or without the employee being present. As a general rule, with the exception of items relating to personal hygiene or health, no employee should ever bring anything to work or store anything at work that he or she would not be prepared to show and possibly turn over to Company officials and/or law enforcement authorities.

All employees of XYZ Company, Inc. are subject to this policy. However, any given search may be restricted to one or more specific individuals, depending upon the situation. Searches may be done on a random basis or based upon reasonable suspicion. "Reasonable suspicion" means circumstances suggesting to a reasonable person that there is a possibility that one or more individuals may be in possession of a prohibited item as defined above. Any search under this policy will be done in a manner protecting employees' privacy, confidentiality, and personal dignity to the greatest extent possible. The Company will respond severely to any unauthorized release of information concerning individual employees (for more details, see the policy on "Confidentiality").

No employee will ever be physically forced to submit to a search. However, an employee who refuses to submit to a search request from the Company will face disciplinary action, up to and possibly including immediate termination of employment.

For a sample policy that combines searches and video surveillance, click here.

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