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QuickFile is a wage reporting program that can be downloaded for free. It can be used by employers with any number of employees, as well as agents and payroll providers representing multiple clients who have registered with the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Unemployment Tax Services.

QuickFile transfers wage data in the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies (ICESA), MMREF-1, comma-delimited or fixed-length formats.

QuickFile can be downloaded directly to your computer. See End User License Agreement for QuickFile. If you are unable to download QuickFile, email to order QuickFile on CD. Requests will be fulfilled within 1-2 business days of receipt.
Once installed on the user's computer, QuickFile analyzes a file created by the user's payroll program. It validates the format, identifies potential problems and allows the user to make corrections before transmission. After the payroll file is validated, the user transmits the report to TWC online.

QuickFile does not calculate taxable wages. The user's payroll program must do the calculation.

Current quarter reports can be submitted and processed 24 hours a day, after the quarter has ended.
Benefits of Using QuickFile

  •     Free resource tool
  •     Report wage information for any number of employees
  •     Bookkeepers and payroll providers can submit wage report information for multiple clients

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Technical Requirements for Using QuickFile

  • Minimum of 24MB of RAM, PC or compatible, 2MB free disk space, Internet connection
  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10 operating systems
  • Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher - QuickFile is not compatible with Microsoft Edge 
  • Payroll reports must be produced in one of the following formats:

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Quick Steps to File a Wage Report Using QuickFile

Initial set-up:

  1. Create a User ID and password for access to Unemployment Tax Services.
  2. Download the QuickFile program. For additional information, visit the QuickFile Download Instructions page.
  3. Go to the Start button on your computer and select All Programs, QuickFile 5. A desktop icon is created for future filings.
  4. File a wage report using the option that pertains to your file format. Detailed instructions for each option are provided below.
    • Option A: ICESA or MMREF-1 format
    • Option B:  Fixed Length or Comma Delimited formats

Option A: ICESA or MMREF-1 Format

  1. Choose the ICESA or MMREF-1 format.
  2. Find and select the payroll file.
  3. Validate the data and correct errors. You may disregard warning messages that indicate information is not included. That data may not be required for as successful filing.
  4. Choose the Continue button and review summary totals, then select OK.
  5. Logon to QuickFile.
  6. Browse to path displayed and submit the header and data files.
  7. Review and print the “Accepted” status page and remittance page.

Option B: Fixed Length or Comma Delimited Formats

  1. Choose Other Text Format, then click Find and Select File.
  2. Choose Enter Employer Information and complete both Submitter and Employer Information.
  3. Choose Save Info for Filing.
  4. Select either My File is Fixed-Length or My File is Comma-Delimited.
  5. Find and select the payroll file and press Start.
  6. Follow instructions to define the fixed length or comma-delimited data for the QuickFile program.
  7. Save Settings & Import.
  8. If there are no errors, review import summary, print and select OK.
  9. Choose the Continue button to review summary totals and select OK.
  10. Logon to QuickFile.
  11. Browse to path displayed and submit the header (.qfh) and data (.ice.gz) files.
  12. Review and print the Accepted status and remittance pages.

For more detailed information on how to file using the QuickFile program, see the QuickFile User’s Guide.

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Pay Taxes

QuickFile provides a remittance page that bookkeepers, accountants and service agents can provide to the employer after filing the quarterly wage reports. The employer may then select the payment option that best suits their business needs.

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Things You Should Know About QuickFile

  • Current reports can be submitted the first day of the filing month and are processed 24 hours a day.
  • Late and prior quarter reports can be filed anytime. The program will accept up to 12 quarters of data, which includes the most recently completed quarter plus the preceding 11 quarters.
  • QuickFile users should not wait until the last day to submit tax reports, as unforeseen network problems or program errors may delay transmission and result in late report penalties. Any report submitted after midnight Central Time on the due date will be considered late.
  • QuickFile validates the data's formatting and identifies items that must be corrected before transferring the file.
  • Edits in the QuickFile program will identify formatting problems and allow the user to make corrections before transmission to TWC. All corrections must be made through your payroll program. QuickFile only validates the format prior to transmission.
  • You are responsible for any erroneous information on the quarterly report. QuickFile is designed to identify format errors, not content errors.
  • QuickFile validates an entire ICESA file. If more than one tax report is being submitted, they must all pass the validation process. If one or more tax reports do not pass the validation process, the entire file will be rejected. You have the option to correct the errors or remove the incorrect tax reports from the file and resubmit those reports that do not pass validation.
  • Corrections or adjustments to wage information may be submitted using Unemployment Tax Services. Allow approximately two business days after the report has been filed to submit your adjustment. If you are unable to adjust the report using Unemployment Tax Services, you can submit Adjustment Report (Form C-5) and/or Wages List Adjustment Schedule (Form C-7). These forms are available on Tax Forms and Instructions.

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Questions About QuickFile

Questions regarding your payroll program should be directed to your software provider.

For questions regarding QuickFile, contact the Tax Department at:

Phone: 512-305-9667

TWC Tax Department
101 E 15th St, Rm 540
Austin, TX 78778-0001

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