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Introduction to Credential Attainment

Credential Attainment (CA) is a measure by which the successful completion of a recognized postsecondary credential or a secondary school diploma (or its recognized equivalent) is documented for VR customers who are enrolled in an education or training program.  Achievement of the CA must occur during the customer's participation in or within one year after the customer's VR case is closed.

A VR customer who has attained a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent is counted as a CA only if the customer is currently employed or is enrolled in an education or training program leading to a recognized postsecondary credential within one year after the customer's VR case is closed.

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A-601: Legal Authority and References

US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 10-16, issued December 19, 2016, and entitled "Performance Accountability Guidance for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I, Title II, Title III and Title IV Core Programs"

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, §116, Performance Accountability System establishes performance accountability indicators and performance reporting requirements to assess the effectiveness of states and local workforce development areas in achieving positive outcomes that lead to a recognized postsecondary credential or employment.

Requirements related to the implementation and operation of the performance accountability system are described under WIOA §116 and 34 CFR Part 361 subpart E.

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A-602: What Is Reported as Credential Attainment?

The following are recorded as CAs for federal reporting:

  • Secondary School Diploma/Equivalent
  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Graduate Degree
  • Industry Recognized Occupational Licensure/ Certificate
  • Industry Recognized Occupational Certification
  • Other Industry Recognized Industrial or Occupational credential

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A-603: What Is Not Reported as Credential Attainment?

The following are not considered CAs for federal reporting:

  • Yearly progression in special education courses working toward a Special Education Certificate
  • Transportation skills attainment
  • Soft skills training
  • Pre- and post-tests demonstrating mastery of orientation and mobility training
  • Completion of On-the-Job Training and/or customized training
  • Completion of participation in most Project SEARCH training sites (Consult is required with the Program Specialist for Workforce Alliances before entering a CA record in ReHabWorks for a Project SEARCH training.)
  • Comprehensive transition programs offered at colleges or universities that may not lead to a recognized post-secondary credential
  • Industry-specific safety certification
  • General computer and security certificates

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A-604: Documenting Credential Attainment

Credential Attainment (CA) must be clearly documented in ReHabWorks (RHW) and in the paper case file for all VR customers who are enrolled in a training or education program that leads to a secondary school diploma or a recognized postsecondary credential.

This requirement applies to both current VR customers and VR customers whose cases were closed during the program year.

Once the customer successfully completes the training or education program and receives documentation of that achievement VR staff:

  • enters a CA in RHW; and
  • files supporting documentation in the paper case file.

Examples of documentation to confirm CA may include:

  • a copy of the credential such as:
    • a high school diploma;
    • an associate's or bachelor's degree;
    • an industry-recognized certificate or certification;
    • a certificate of completion of a Registered Apprenticeship; or
    • a license recognized by the state or federal government;
  • a copy of school records such as grade reports or transcripts; or
  • case notes documenting that the VR counselor obtained verification of the CA from the education or training provider.

Note: Staff must make at least three attempts to obtain documents that substantiate the credential attainment from third-party education and training providers before using case notes as the primary source documents. When filing documentation with notes from program staff, or case notes, staff must refer to either paper or electronic statements that identify, at a minimum, the following:

  • A participant's status for a specific credential
  • The date on which the information was obtained
  • The staff member who obtained the information

Copies of supporting documentation should be obtained from the customer as soon as the credential is achieved but no later than the Joint Annual Review, when RHW is updated. Electronic documents are acceptable but must be printed and maintained in the customer's paper case file.

CA is captured in RHW through the Education History page on the Training Information page within the Semester/Grading Period sections on that page. These fields must be updated throughout the life of the case and at case closure to ensure accurate reporting to Rehabilitation Services Administration and other stakeholders. For more information, refer to the ReHabWorks Users Guide B-300: Education History.

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